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A hair relocate is a careful activity wherein sound areas of strength for and follicles are taken from the contributor side of the patient to be relocated into beneficiaries region of the head. Hair relocate might be performed to meaningfully have an impact on the manner in which the hair looks yet in addition it assists with expanding the self-assurance of patients.

Fue Technique

Today, there are two hair relocate strategies, to be specific FUE and FUT. Be that as it may, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most regularly favored procedure. Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) is the other strategy that was all the more usually utilized before, yet it’s anything but a typical technique these days because of scar development and prerequisite of sewing.

The FUE technique has two subtypes, Conventional and No Shave FUE, as indicated by regardless of whether the region that hair follicles are moved is shaved. The main distinction between No Shave FUE and traditional FUE is that the giver and the beneficiary regions are not shaved or they are stopped. What’s more, assuming considered proper, your PCP may suggested joining FUE method with PRP and/or hair mesotherapy.

In the FUE technique, hair follicles can likewise be gathered from different pieces of the body, on the off chance that the hair follicles on the scalp are not adequate for hair transplantation. Then again, FUE strategy produces successful outcomes in the treatment of balding in eyebrows, mustache and facial hair.

In FUE procedure, the contributor and the beneficiary regions are cleaned and prepared. After the scalp is attracted to design the transplantation, photographs of the scalp are taken to make comparisons.Hair follicles are gathered from the scruff, where hairs are hereditarily impervious to going bald, utilizing extremely exceptional flimsy needles estimating ≤1 mm in distance across. FUE method doesn’t need making entry point on the scalp, while hair follicles (unite) are gathered, and thusly, no scar tissue structures. The hair follicles are prepared to be moved. Exceptionally little openings are penetrated at the beneficiary region utilizing a gadget called micromotor. These waterways or openings are penetrated at the bearing of the development of hair and hence, your hair will look normal when they develop after hair transplantation. After hair follicles are moved in accordance with the pre-relocate plan and drawings, the scalp is shut with bandage.Hair relocate methodology requires about a few hours. If essential, the strategy can be finished in the second meeting in the following day.

You might feel gentle redness and uneasiness after the strategy. Normally, these circumstances don’t need treatment, however your PCP will illuminate you exhaustively about issues that require your consideration and you will likewise be given a data technique. You ought to keep away from exhausting exercises for 15 days and you ought to safeguard the scalp against injuries.

Your PCP will presumably request that you visit the medical clinic one day after the technique. The wrap will be eliminated in this visit.

On the off chance that you experience warmth and wonderful torment at the contributor or the beneficiary site on the off chance that you have a fever or any side effects that you believe are because of the hair relocate after you are released, contact your primary care physician right away.


Hair will develop, however it will shed rapidly after the hair relocate. You can see development of hair by moved hair follicles around two months after the fact. Your hair will typically develop and the sparseness will be totally wiped out roughly a half year to one year after the fact.

How can I learn the prices of hair transplantation ?

Prices of hair transplantation with Fue method is determined according to criterias like; level of person’s hairlessness, method for person and situation of materials and equipment. If you send your hair’s photographs taken in different perspectives with application form on our website, we can provide you a price assesment prepared by our experts of hair transplantation as soon as possible.

As Turkey Health Station Team, we organize your arrival to our country for hair transplantation, transfer, hotel reservations, preparations before and after treatment.

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